Joy of a Dollar Deal!


Who can relate to the excitement to a visit to the local dollar store?  What is it about the dollar store, not any particular store?  They all have their special deals and personalities.  It can bring one generation to another together just like last Saturday.  My mother, Peggy, is eighty-three years old.Our usual Saturday visits include a quick trip to Wal-Mart for about eight items if she is willing to get out.  Well, this past Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and I was determined to find something different than our usual grocery stop.  We were definitely getting into a rut.  Well, the passengers for the day started with my teenage son (15), then next stop Mom (83), my brother (62) and myself (47).  Wow, what could we all find  a little pleasure from all together?  Who knew we could find some common ground at the local dollar store.  At first, we weren’t all on board, but we all gave it a try. My son resisted as one foot slowly went in front of the other one as we all walked through the door with the ringing bell.  I whispered quietly in his ear, “C’mon, let’s do this for grandma!”  My mom couldn’t hear over the bell and all the customers crossing the street.  I helped my mom inside, cane and all.  My brother headed to the shelves overflowing with books, Alex to the area with the lastest shipment of Cardinal gear, and I accompanied my mother to her favorite spot, the perfume for one dollar.  It was a find this Saturday…Jordache and Passion.  She started to laugh and say, “You just can’t beat one dollar, even if it doesn’t last long, it is worth it.”  Well, I had to find something, so I headed to the office supply area and found two lanyards I could use in my classroom.   The dollar deal store contained something for everyone and it brought a smile to everyone’s face, well, maybe not the teenager.  But hey, I don’t think he was frowning.  Thanks dollar store for bringing all of us together last Saturday.  It is in the simple things, even dollar deals!!!


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