Dog Love


I never knew a love so strong…yes, I am referring to my dog crush – her name is Bailey.  She is small with black curly hair and those adorable bangs…you know tufts of black curls jetting out from above her eyes.  She walks around like she is looking for a spare headband, barrette, or even a bobby pin.  Bailey has taught me more lessons about love, giving, and companionship than any of my other human relationships.  It is the weirdest thing.  It is different than any other pet relationship I have ever encountered.  Maybe it is because she is an inside dog, and my other dogs have always been outside.  It just didn’t seem like a huge commitment with my other dogs. With an inside dog, it feels real. She is in our space and observing as a family all of the time.  Bailey has seen me at my best and worst times with family members, when I am relaxing and chillin’, and when I am running late, stressed, or extremely sick, she has always been there.

I remember the sick moments when I had to rest for two days after I returned from the hospital with chest pain.  She knew how serious it was, she laid by my side for those two whole days.  When I slept, she slept.  When I got up to go to the bathroom, yes, she did go to the bathroom (on her pad).  When I ate, she ate.  It was amazing and comforting. I remember the exciting times like coming home after a vacation and seeing her rush to the door like I was the most important person in the world.  AHHHH, dog love can be good!





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