Moving Exercise to the Top of my To-Do List


Today I made a promise to myself, find time to exercise. I have every excuse in the book … laundry, school work, writing, reading my book, watching my favorite rerun “Matlock”, hanging out with my family, etc. I coaxed myself into thinking-just start off slow. Ten minutes is a good place to start. It is always one of the first things I want to cross off my “to do” lists over the years.

What me really starting to think why it should be bumped up towards the top of the to do list. My seventeen-year-old daughter and I attended a college orientation day yesterday. We had to walk a short distance and climb several steps to attend some of the meetings. I was clearly winded and it scared me inside. I was too embarrassed to tell my daughter, but I know I want to feel healthier, be healthier, and be happier.

Today I sit here and write this commitment to me. I promise to take better care of myself by walking on the treadmill every day this week. I can try to flip things, read my book on the treadmill, watch t.v. while walking, hang out and exercise at the same time; ahhhh! You need to know I am not great with multi-tasking. I will start off slow…ten minutes and gradually increase the time. One statement that stuck with me from all the orientation sessions yesterday was “what you do most, you do best!” Gotta go, headin’ towards the treadmill. I might not exercise most, my goal is to exercise more and I might not do it best, but I can do it better.


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  1. Yes, I know the thinking you shared because I’ve had that thought also. I need to move, the joints are feeling rusty. Does it count I strolled around the block with my husband yesterday? Maybe I will go again today. One foot in front of the other, just do it! Good for you to get moving!

  2. Your line “I might not exercise most, my goal is to exercise more and I might not do it best, but I can do it better.” spoke to me. I need to remember this when I get down on myself for not achieving as much as I would like.

  3. Wow. I also need to move exercise to the top of my list. That is weird for me to admit because I was always the exercise fanatic. I was the distance runner (two marathons in my past). But, something happened to me this winter. I gave up all exercise a couple of months ago when the weather got really cold and the sky got really dark. Am I sinking into depression or is it just a lack of sunshine and warmer weather? I know I’ll get back to running with my dog this spring. Good luck to you too! And, keep writing about it!

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