Waiting Moments


Waiting can be hard….an approaching ice/snow event for our area has propelled almost all the schools in the area to close. It is just raining now, but we are all waiting for the raindrops to change to icy hard pieces of sleet. Sleet is supposed to change into snow…waiting. We all do this throughout our life. Waiting can be boring, exciting, full of anxiety, and full of hope. I look back over my life and it is full of those expecting moments. This slice is dedicated to short glimpses into those waiting periods of life.

I remember being six and looking out the window waiting for my dad’s headlights from the pickup to appear moving down the driveway.

I remember being a second grader and waiting at Grandma G.’s house to eat dinner.

I remember being a third grader and waiting for the song to end at Grandma’s funeral at the Assembly of God Church.

I remember being twelve and counting down the days waiting to be a teenager.

I remember waiting for the day dad would drive me to go get my license to drive.

I remember being a very shy high school freshman waiting to give my first speech in a club election.

I remember waiting with butterflies to give my salutatorian speech on high school graduation night.

I remember waiting with such excitement for my parents to help me unpack my belongings my first year of college.

I remember waiting every Sunday night with tears to call my mom and dad, tell them how great college was going, when my heart ached for home.

I remember being 18 years old and finally telling my parents, “College is great and mean it.”

I remember waiting to hear I had my first grown-up job as a teacher.

I remember waiting for my husband to propose after five long years of dating.

I remember waiting for my dad to wake up after a 10 hour heart surgery.

I remember waiting with a heavy heart after shaking hands with hundreds of people at the funeral chapel honoring my dad.

I remember waiting another two weeks after nine months of waiting for my first child to be born.

I remember waiting for my husband to get Burger King after the doctor told to head straight to the hospital for the birth of my son, he did arrive one and half hours after the B.K. stop.

I remember waiting three long weeks for my daughter to leave the hospital after a tragic accident.

I remember waiting for the call that school will be closed for the snow.


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  1. We spend a lot of our life waiting. Your memories highlight all the excited moments of waiting, but yet the dreaded times we wait. Enjoy your snow/ice day, hopefully it is the last blast of winter.

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