Ever Taken a Foot for Granted


“I wonder if I am going to lose my foot?” kept coming into my heard. It was first day at the hospital and I was scared. Dr. P. had admitted me that afternoon after visiting the emergency room. They told us it was cellulitis and it could be serious. What really upset me was when I looked over to my roommate, and I realized she did not have her left leg. That fear scared me tremendously.

It all started on a Sunday in April when I woke up. My left foot hurt so bad, and I couldn’t stand. It was all raspberry red and hurting. It was bad enough to ask my mother-in-law to take me to the emergency room. Several tests were taken and the end diagnosis was cellulitis. I still am not quite sure what it is or what caused it. I did know at the moment it was painful and serious. They sent us home and that night, a red scribble line started to run up my leg. I should have returned to the hospital earlier, however, we waited. The next day, we visited Dr. P. and entered the hospital in a wheelchair. I left in a wheelchair five days later. I promised myself to never take my body for granted. Four years later, I feel like I am taking my health for granted again. As I ran across “my foot” journal entry today in my box of journals, I vow to never take a foot for granted again!


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  1. Oh my goodness, Laura! That sounds terrible! We do take all our body parts for granted and only realize how much we use them when they are disabled. I hope you don’t have any more flare ups.

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