Church Bells Calling


We live in a small town, just about two hundred human beings all ages included.  The centerpiece of our little town is a huge cathedral of a catholic church dating back to the 1800s.  The church holds one Sunday service at 8:30 a.m.every week. Today was a pretty sunny day, just bitter cold.  My daughter and I were walking to church in spite of the cold.  As we crossed the street to enter the main street in town, I looked at my daughter and said, “It is good to belong to a hometown.”  She grinned and said, “Yea.” 

This five minute journey from our house to the church house was filled with melodies of music coming from the church tower.  Every Sunday morning the church calls out to everyone as if to exclaim, “Come to church, come to worship, I am open!”  As we looked both ways to cross, I think to myself..our town is so busy now when it is church time.  People were walking from all directions and multiple cars and trucks were waiting at the intersection.

Today was a special day for our church family, it was also our annual spring parish dinner.  We had our whole church working together to provide a delicious meal of fried chicken, chicken and dumplings and all the side dishes.  As I worked in the dining room along with my daughter I smiled and thought to myself, “It is good to belong to a team, a bigger group of people that I call my church family.”  So the next time I hear the church bells calling, I will thank God for all my blessings including my family, my church and my church family.


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