Twenty-One Days to Make Something a Habit


Well, I am given myself permission write a slice of life about slicing on this 21st day of the first year of my own personal Slice of Life Challenge.  Believe or not, last night on the twentieth day of the challenge, I had to make a choice between sleep and writing.  Sleep prevailed and now I am kicking myself this morning as I sit here in front of my computer, coffee in my favorite mug and excitement for a new day, a new approach.  I have decided to attempt my writing in the early morning.  I noticed several early birds already posted this a.m.

I teach at a Leader in Me School where we use the vocabulary of the seven habits.  One piece of advice from the late Stephen Covey, “It takes 21 days to develop a habit.”  I always add to my students that there are good, bad, and better habits.  I think it is so ironic that I skipped writing my slice on the twentieth day of the challenge.  I ask myself this morning, “Does this mean it will take twenty-one more days to make it a habit again?”  My thinking is to mix it up by writing in the morning for a few days rather late at night.  Congratulations to me and all the other slicers…you have made it to the twenty-first day.  Celebrate those good habits.


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  1. Writing for 21 days has not been as difficult as what I thought it would. I guess maybe I am more in the habit of looking for things to write about. I hope to do more writing after the challenge but I am sure it won’t be every day. Only 10 more days to go! Let’s hang in there.

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