Don’t You Love a Rainy Sunday Every Once in a While?


Sunday morning, raindrops pattering on the bedroom window and the local weather forecaster  just said all day rain.  Part of me longed for another warm, sunshine-filled glorious day like yesterday, but there is just something special about a rainy Sunday.  I know I needed a day to recharge my body and brain.  A rainy Sunday means finishing up a few cleaning jobs from yesterday, catching up with the school papers, maybe a movie and/or nap under a blanket and that book I am wanting to finish.

Lots of choices and some rainy days you just need a day of no plans.  You just call it as you see it and what strikes your fancy.  I am thinking that is what I need today.  I write this slice with that last delicious cup of coffee, as my husband finishes up a delicious breakfast of eggs, potatoes and bacon.  My children are in religion class and soon will be bustling in the kitchen looking for the source of the delicious smells.  They, too, enjoy rainy Sundays every once in a while.  What lies ahead for them…my son plans to catch up on Minecraft, building legos and maybe a book. (fingers crossed behind my back); my daughter plans to catch up on school homework, a nap under the blanket and maybe a re-run of our favorite show, “Matlock.”  Hope you enjoy your Sunday as much as we plan to.  Let the festivities begin inside!


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  1. Just rain would be nice, but our landscape is taking on an arctic look as I type this. Just as well it isn’t a lovely day, I have work to do. (Sneaking away for a few moments to comment.) Enjoy your day relaxing!

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