Writing Audience…Who is Yours?


Everyone needs a writing audience, otherwise known as your encourager, cheerleader, friend and a good listener.  My audience has been my thirteen year-old son.  It sometimes sounds like this, “Alex, can you you listen to my post today?”  “I guess, Mom” he answers.  Somedays it goes like this, “Mom, what did you write about today?”  yelled Alex from the family room while I am typing in the office across the hallway.  I love those days and say, “Here, let me read it.”

Alex always tells me something positive, yet honest.  It has helped us make a special connection.  It has been good for him to hear stories from when I was growing up, hear my struggles and most of all, realize I am human being with feelings, worries, and celebrations just like him.  Maybe all this talk about writing has inspired him.  Two days ago, I asked him the daily question, “do you have any homework?”  He replied, “Oh, we have to write a poem.”  I didn’t think anymore about it until an hour later.  Alex walked into the family room with a smile on his face and a piece of paper in his hand.  Smiles and homework especially writing homework usually don’t go together with my son.

“Can I read you my poem?”  Alex asked.  Yes, I was expecting one of those roses are red, violets are blue poems with a few more lines tagged on to the end.  The next few minutes almost brought tears to my eyes.  Alex wrote four beautiful stanzas, a slice of his life you could say.  He has been listening to me for the past twelve days and learning right along beside me.  He wrote about the day a blizzard came to our house.  With his permission, I would love to share my son’s poem with you which is actually a very important slice of my life.

The Day a Blizzard Came!

by Alex

The sun went down, 

I then frowned.

That’s when the

snow came around.


As it fell down, I decided

to sit down, I had summer

at the edge of my feet,

but the snow came faster.


I played with my black

dog in the snowy fog,

My dog tried to leap,

but the snows too deep.


The winters cold

and frightening, but

I’d rather have the

summers, wind and lightning.

Thank you Alex for being my audience and I will be yours.  Thanks for sharing your slice of life. 



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  1. Maybe next year, you will get Alex to join in the slicing–it’s amazing how much writing energy a community of writers can generate. I loved how you wrote about the interactions between the two of you, weaving in Alex’s feelings about homework, school and writing, and I loved that he shared his post! Tell him the word patterns and rhythm work really well!

  2. How did I miss this post? Audience is so important! How great Alex is your sounding board! I think he has some of his mother’s talent for writing too. Great poem Alex.

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