Making Time Slow Down…Is it Possible?


If I was a researcher in a scientist’s lab, I would choose time concepts to research.  I know all the phrases, “time stops for no one, a stitch in time saves nine, time is money” and so on.  One of my favorites was said by Benjamin Franklin, “You many delay, but time will not.”  Mr. Franklin had several famous quotations about time and I wondered if he researched it.  I know he was an inventor and loved clocks.  Does anyone else try to think of ways to slow down time on the weekends?  Yes, I realize I can’t slow it down really, but my concept is how fast or slow it feels can be altered.  It is one of the weekends that is filled with activities from church to shopping to a school fundraiser to a co-worker’s baby shower to cleaning the house.  I always like to plan my day with the calendar, start with the big, important can’t miss events and then fill in with all those other still important activities: cleaning the house, laundry, writing, relaxing with a family movie, etc. 

Over the last few years, I have conducting my own type of experiments on my time thinking.  One mind trick I like to use is doing an ordinary task at a different time over the weekend. One example is picking up groceries on a Friday night instead of the usual Saturday morning.  Staying home on Saturday makes me feel that the day goes at a slower pace.  It won’t work today because my daughter and I have to go prom dress shopping and I am looking forward to every minute of the experience.

Another trick I have used before when I am desperate to find “more” time is getting up earlier and/or staying up later.  My favorite is getting up early, you can feel like you have gained another hour or time.  My most efficient time is early morning, unless I am waiting up for a teenager.  I think you need to find when you are most productive and you can sometimes get twice as much done that period, thus gaining time.  I know it is not rocket science, but those simple things in life are important.

My last strategy is to multi-tasking…”uhhhh, I am not skillful at it.”  Some of my friends have perfected it.  Doing laundry, washing dishes and listening to a audio book all at the same time.  It just makes my head hurt.  I have mastered two things at once, but I have observed the effects of stress on this special gift.  Making a list and checking it off improves the odds for me. I have my list and calendar set out in front of me and start to gasp as I look down at the fine print for tomorrow – Daylight Savings Time.  I think to myself, “What is that saying, spring forward in the spring, that means OH NO, we lose one hour.  Oh, well, I can always try my tricks not weekend.” Good luck on your slowing down of time, I do think it is possible.  Live each moment in the present, enjoy and don’t live by the clock. 


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  1. You have to do whatever works for you. Time always seems to be an issue. I was just thinking about it the other day. Even though it is a constant, it feels like it is ever changing.
    Thanks for your comment, I miss you guys too, so I’m really glad you and Melinda are writing, so I can have a little contact with you. 🙂

  2. I tried one of your tricks last night. I went and got groceries right after school and it wasn’t so bad. Grocery shopping is a chore I usually put off til Sunday. Great advice “enjoy & don’t live by the clock.

  3. How true is it that sometimes time gets in the way of the present–I could SO relate to your last line. I do always think about the fact that time doesn’t fly, but moves the same speed always, but I also love the thought that it takes a much shorter time to get to the dentist than to get to the party. Great idea about grocery shopping on a Friday night!

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