Collecting Treasures


One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.  That is so true and here is my slice about my treasure hunt that happened today after school.  No, I didn’t fly to a deserted island with a treasure map or find the pot at the end of a rainbow or even win the Missouri lottery.  My treasure was found at the local public library.  I had spotted the small two-inch advertisement in the local newspaper about a week ago-used book sale March 7-9.  I took a mental note and thought to myself, ” ohh, I hope I can squeeze in some time to go.” 

Today was the first day of the sale, it is always better to go when it first opens.  You can even go early if you are a “friend” of the library for just twenty dollars.  You do get five dollars worth of book bucks when you join.  Yes, I am a friend of the library, so I get a special privilege to start shopping for treasure at 5:00 p.m. instead of 6:00 p.m. My son and I only had 15 minutes to hunt between a visit with Grandma and church tonight. 

My son and I practically skipped to the large glass doors of the library.  There were around twenty-thirty people gathered to enter the sale at six o’clock.  We finally made it inside the book sale room around 5:45. It is a very large room full of tables and there are hundreds of cardboard books filled with books.  The boxes are organized by category just like a fancy bookstore.  Books have made their way into this room by being either slightly damaged or old copyright dates. The excitement of the booksale is the concept of digging or looking through the cardboard boxes to find those jewels.  You know it when you see it… a childhood classic like “Alice in Wonderland”, mentor text like “Saturdays and Teacakes”, or just a great non-fiction read-aloud by Steve Jenkins. One of my special jewels of the hunt tonight was a book by Michael Jordon’s mom titled “Dream Big” and the first six books in the 39 Clues series.  Used book sale shopping is a hobby for me; my classroom library has grown to over five hundred books. 

Students will gain the same love of books when they see their teachers treasuring books.  I am always putting books into the hands of students.  A quick book blessing, book commercial or just a small recommendation handwritten on a sticky note usually does the trick.  I can’t wait to bring in my stack of treasures on Monday to share. 



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  1. How fun! I am going online right now to see if my library does that. I can feel your giddiness…gotta get me some!

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