I am …


I am a writer, I really have felt that during the last 5 days.  I have felt like it was something special that I could carve out of my day easily and it made me feel very young, confident and special.  This was the first day back at school during the month of March and during the Slice of Life challenge.  I have realized something…it is easy to do what you love when you don’t have other obligations, the real sign that is extremely important is that you continue to do what you love even when it is difficult.  I have also realized I love to write more than I knew before.  I have been inspired by all the poems over the last few days.  Here it goes ….my I am poem.

I am a child of God, special just because.

I am a daughter of a farmer and a farmer’s wife.

I am a mother of two – a boy who is just became a teen, and a daughter almost seventeen.

I am a wife of a very dedicated, patient man who loves me even though writing takes time.

I am a friend of those who need me now, one fighting breast cancer.

I am a teacher every day with a enthusiasm to see students feel successful.

I am a co-worker who likes to synergize and learn from each other.

I am a citizen who is concerned about our country.

I am a writer who loves seeing the story unfold right before my eyes.

I am a forty-five year old woman who is trying discover who she is again.




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